Our Methodology

On with children get the necessary stimuli with fin and joy. It is possible to notice the advancements of learning right from the beginning of the year. The intelligence development stimulation use resources called cards and intelligence bits, related to the content taught (general knowledge, mathematics, sciences, languages, reading, etc.).

Beyond age, the groups are also formed considering individual development, so children can get the proper attention in each stage of development.

Specific contents are worked weekly, previously planned by our pedagogical team and all the activities are addressed to this theme, in order to offer more assimilation and meaning.

Besides pedagogical practices, activities are guided throughout the school hours that also offer:

Musical Stimulation:
Musical stimulation gives children more knowledge about themselves and help the development of their body scheme and communication with the others. Some authors affirm that musical stimulation contributes as reinforcement to children’s cognitive, language, psychomotor and socio-affective development.

Arts and Creativity:
Art is a very important and pleasant resource to children because uses their imagination and self-expression in order to access their emotions as well as stimulate fine motor skills.

In order to know and get acquainted with various cultural aspects, our children have English and Spanish classes, with fun and joyful classes, presented in a very natural way.
Since 2014, English stimulation is daily, with more varied situations, to improve language learning.

Intelligence Development:

It is introduced in a fun way, using resources called “flashcards”, through “intelligence bits”, in accordance to specific methodology, proper to this group age (six months to 4 years old).

Psychomotor Stimulation:
Mobility is one of the first baby’s achievements and one of the best ways to develop self-confidence and self-esteem, basic prerequisites to intelligence development.