Weekly Baby Content


Music Education

The music education activities allow children to gain a better understanding of themselves and helps them develop awareness of their body coordination and communication. Some authors state that music education activities contribute greatly to reinforce a child’s cognitive linguistic development, psycho-motor, and social affection.


Art is a very important and enjoyable resource for children since it provides the use of imagination and expression to access their emotions, and it stimulates fine motor coordination.

Overcoming Challenges

Children will have the opportunity to discover and express their best potential to the world. This is done with fun activities that allows for them to discover their own power capabilities, confidence, courage, faith, achievement and emotional balance.


In order for a child to get to know or to become familiar with a diverse cultural environment, he or she will be exposed with English and Spanish classes that bring joy, pleasure and naturalness.

Inteligence Development

The development of intelligence is done with the inclusion of educational content in a playful way, using resources called “Flashcards” through “bits of intelligence.” All according to specific methodologies for child stimulation.


Psychomotor is the concept of an organized movement and integrated function of a child’s experience. Its action is the result of their individuality, their language and their socialization.